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St. Joost: Script review

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After a little over two months, the screenplay classes I taught at St. Joost are finished. Students received their grades last week (overall good). It was a great chance to teach for a longer duration and on a regular basis. To be able to develop screenplays with the 3rd year students, watching their ideas grow and finally realize into a workable shooting script.

Definitely an experience I’d like to repeat after a while.  Congratulations to all the students, it was a great experience.

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Teaching screenwriting at St. Joost, Breda

Posted in News, Teaching by barisazman on January 29, 2009


I was asked by coordinator René Bosma of the St. Joost Arts Academy to do a lecture on my experiences as a filmmaker and screenwriter and do a crash course on the art of screenwriting. The class took a total of four hours and was attended by first, second, third and final year students. We covered basics such as what constitutes a screenplay, working visually, but also breaking the rules after knowing them. Also, how to keep writing, different approaches (outlining or not) and more.

Unfortunately due to delays in the overall programming, we didn’t get to do my running commentary on Joel & Ethan Coen’s NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. But the students and René liked what I did, and there’s a possibility I can come back in the near future to discuss and examine what makes the film so good. Personally, I’d also be interested in doing a longer workshop type seminar with students, where we actually take a few weeks and write a short screenplay together. As in, every student writes their own and even I join in with a screenplay of my own, where we can discuss our progress together.

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