Baris Azman / Filmmaker

It Hasn’t Happened Yet

Runtime: 13 min 25 sec
Format: miniDV
2005 The Netherlands

A young guy, passing by a video store, sees a female friend of his. He sparks a conversation with her and they end up spending the afternoon together talking about movies, coffee and everything in between. Over the course of the day, the guy gets to be intrigued by the girl. He hopes he dares to ask her out.

Winner NPS Jury Award, for Best Short film of 2005.

bar stills

hap still 01

hap still 02

hap still 03

hap still 04

bar behind the scenes

hap bhs 1

hap bhs 2

hap bhs 3

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  1. […] the 15th of August, one of my short films (IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET) will be screening at the LiteSide Festival in Amsterdam. After the screening I will be attending a […]

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  3. […] IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET was born out of a desire to make something again, after having made plans for films for a very long time. I had graduated in 2003 from the Arts Academy St. Joost in Breda, The Netherlands and had worked for nearly a year to produce a s16mm short. It was funded out of my own pocket and it left me broke and tired. […]

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