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Here’s a location photograph from one of the main areas where the film (THE MAN WHO GOT LOST) is going to take place. Just to give a teaser of the locale. Still working on the rewrite of the film with my producer and things are slowly picking up steam.

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My new producer: Lagestee Film

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At the end of 2009 I had finished a promotional book about my planned feature film THE MAN WHO GOT LOST.
I sent it to producers and managed to get invited for meetings with several of them in January 2010. Overall the reactions were really positive and I was very fortunate to be in the position to actually choose out of several producers who wanted to work with me on the film. After long deliberation I decided on Martin Lagestee and his Amsterdam based independent production house LAGESTEE FILM BV. I’m very thankful for all the people who I met and talked with concerning the film and hopefully will get a chance to work with them on other projects in the future.

But as of now, we’re official. Let’s go to work.

Amsterdam based independent production house


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first draft border

“I wrote it. It’s done. Now I just got to type it up.”
“Type it up? It’s not finished until you type it up. We’ve got to read it.”
– ZODIAC (2007)

As of a few minutes ago, I finally finished the first draft of my feature film screenplay. It’s been a long time in the making and it’s one of the hardest things I have ever written I think. It’s taken me quite some time too. But there’s a tremendous sense of relief too. Finally that first draft. Beginning to end. Clocking in at 108 pages. Next up, real quick, is the second draft and then it’s going out into the open.

The beginning.

THE MAN WHO GOT LOST: Promotional Image

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tmwgl - promo image

THE MAN WHO GOT LOST has it’s first promotional image. The photo here is by Kate Peters, who has graciously granted me permission to use her work as a teaser for my feature film. This image will accompany the official synopsis of the film and most probably the screenplay. It will be used for the official website of the film until we start shooting and are generating our own visual content.

I came across this photograph on the cover of the magazine EXTRA, published by the FotoMuseum in Antwerp, Belgium. It captures, in a single image, the mood and themes of my film and it’s since then, become one of the main visual inspiration tools for when I am writing. I want to tell more about what comes up in my mind when I look at the photograph, but I will let everyone interpret it in their own way. For now.

Kate Peters’ official website:

Scriptdesk: De Proeftuin Part II

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proeftuin 2 a

The meeting day SCRIPTDESK: DE PROEFTUIN, where directors, writers, producers and distributors were able to discuss eachother’s work was a great success. It was really good to give comments on other people’s work and get interesting feedback on my project. I got a lot of great insights and some interesting viewpoints on the synopsis of THE MAN WHO GOT LOST. I was particularly glad that the main themes and visual approach got across to most people. It’s really hard to compress an entire feature film plan into two pages, but with all the comments I think I now have more of a grip on how to put my idea on paper in a more concise fashion. Thanks to the people at Scriptdesk, LEV Pictures and everyone who participated and to all the people I got businesscards from.

proeftuin 2 b

proeftuin 2 c

Scriptdesk: De Proeftuin

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proeftuin 2

My feature film plan THE MAN WHO GOT LOST was selected among 23 other film projects to participate at the SCRIPTDESK: DE PROEFTUIN (rough translation: THE SAMPLE GARDEN) in Amsterdam. Organized by Lev Pictures (film producers) and Scriptdesk (Script Editors), it’s meant to give directors and screenwriters a chance to meet and get to learn more about eachother and to help out each other’s plan, idea, synopsis or screenplay. So that they may advance a step further in the process. There’s also a chance to meet producers. It’s also meant to get some inspiration and feedback and to meet new people and work on your network.

Today I received all the other film projects and I look forward to reading them all and making notes during the next week. Because, as I understand, I will also be commenting on the other participants projects. I get the same rush as I had when I attended the NISI MASA Script & Pitch workshop last year in France. It’s good getting together every once in a while with serious filmmakers and discussing each other’s work and I hope to meet some new and interesting contacts along the way.

This good news gave me a big boost today with my writing. I also got a very interesting and positive comment from a critic today (concerning my previous films), which will be published soon in the promotional booklet for THE MAN WHO GOT LOST. It actually gave me a helluva lotta insight in the writing of my film. More on that quote at later date.

Baris Azman
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the man who got lost screenplay 1

the man who got lost screenplay 2

Since I didn’t want to top the blog with a downer, I thought I’d let everyone know I was officialy writing again on my feature film; THE MAN WHO GOT LOST.