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It Hasn’t Happened Yet: On Directing Amateur Actors

Posted in Commentary, Short Films, Teaching, Workshop, Writing by barisazman on February 17, 2011

MUBI Garage (the online filmmaking and production school) asked me to write an article about my experiences on filmmaking in their Production Notes. It’s called IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET: Directing Amateur Actors. It’s also reposted here after the jump.


Efendi Composer Commentary

Posted in Commentary, Short Films by barisazman on January 3, 2010

Zafer Turgut as Mister Osman. Photography by Kasper van de Pavoordt.

My composer for EFENDI, Marcus Fjellström, recorded a commentary track for the film, sharing his thoughts on the production.  You can find the video on the following link and on the navigation page on the top right side.

Marcus Fjellström’s website:

Video Update: Larger sizes now

Posted in News, Short Films by barisazman on November 11, 2009

Finally figured out how to get larger Vimeo sizes in WordPress, so here are the two short films again, for your larger viewing pleasure. You can watch them on their respective pages. (upper right side of the navigation, or click on the links under the posters)

larger video

Go to the EFENDI page. (info,video and pictures)

Go to the IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET page. (info, video and pictures)