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THE MAN WHO GOT LOST: Promotional Image

Posted in Feature Film, News, Pre-Production, Promotional, The Man Who Got Lost by barisazman on June 19, 2009

tmwgl - promo image

THE MAN WHO GOT LOST has it’s first promotional image. The photo here is by Kate Peters, who has graciously granted me permission to use her work as a teaser for my feature film. This image will accompany the official synopsis of the film and most probably the screenplay. It will be used for the official website of the film until we start shooting and are generating our own visual content.

I came across this photograph on the cover of the magazine EXTRA, published by the FotoMuseum in Antwerp, Belgium. It captures, in a single image, the mood and themes of my film and it’s since then, become one of the main visual inspiration tools for when I am writing. I want to tell more about what comes up in my mind when I look at the photograph, but I will let everyone interpret it in their own way. For now.

Kate Peters’ official website: