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Video Update: Larger sizes now

Posted in News, Short Films by barisazman on November 11, 2009

Finally figured out how to get larger Vimeo sizes in WordPress, so here are the two short films again, for your larger viewing pleasure. You can watch them on their respective pages. (upper right side of the navigation, or click on the links under the posters)

larger video

Go to the EFENDI page. (info,video and pictures)

Go to the IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET page. (info, video and pictures)


St. Joost: Script review

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After a little over two months, the screenplay classes I taught at St. Joost are finished. Students received their grades last week (overall good). It was a great chance to teach for a longer duration and on a regular basis. To be able to develop screenplays with the 3rd year students, watching their ideas grow and finally realize into a workable shooting script.

Definitely an experience I’d like to repeat after a while.  Congratulations to all the students, it was a great experience.

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Classes and Seminairs updates

Posted in News, Teaching, Workshop, Writing by barisazman on September 25, 2009

Things have been pretty busy these past weeks. Aside from working on my screenplay, working on a current corporate project, editing for another filmmaker and discussing future projects, I have been teaching a lot. We’re nearing the halfway mark with my class at St. Joost. The plans are really taking shape for the students and I am looking forward to the end results. It’s great to see all kinds of different approaches too.

Film By The Sea Festival was a great experience. I had three different classes on one day and I had a chance to visit a ‘black tie’ premiere party. Unfortunately, I was the only one not in black tie. Nonetheless it was nice and I had a chance to talk to some old friends. Thanks to the festival and the filmXperience for their hospitality.

st joost by the sea

St. Joost – Screenwriting Class

Posted in News, Teaching, Workshop, Writing by barisazman on September 7, 2009


Classes have officialy started. This is my class for the next 8 weeks. We’re meeting once every week for a whole day. Most of the students are third year, but there are a few final year students who wanted to join the class too.
We started with running and gunning through my screenwriting 101 lecture (for the few who weren’t present at my guest lecture a few months back) and then proceeded to discuss several opening shots/scenes of films.

The objective of this semester is, to write a fully presentable and working short screenplay. Some students are a little less versed in the tradition of screenwriting, so everyone will probably have their own pace. Every week we will discuss eachother’s work and comment on it. We don’t have a specific theme for the screenplays, but the students are encouraged to write their ‘dream film’, as in, no restrictions of budget. So they don’t have to think about whether they can actually get a chance to be able to finance it. It’s strictly focused on the writing, hopefully freeing up the creative flow. Though, who ever wants, can write it in such a way, that they can actually get to shoot it, maybe even later on in the same school year. Final year students will write and fine tune their graduation film.

Aside from writing and workshopping, there will also be moments where I will discuss film theory and we will watch films or parts of films.

Forum Istanbul – Assistant Director

Posted in Commercial, News by barisazman on September 7, 2009


At the end of August I was an assistant director on a commercial done for Forum Istanbul. Europe’s largest indoor mall. The production was a mix of Dutch and Turkish professionals. I was approached by Dutch company Boegbeeld to work as an assistant director, which comprised of me overlooking the duties of the day on the set, communicating with the different departments (lighting, catering, security, production) as a translator. And in directing the Turkish actors, since the director himself was Dutch and didn’t speak Turkish. It was a very fortunate thing, because the production was looking for someone who had experience in filmmaking, knew Dutch and Turkish and had worked with child actors before.

It was a really great experience, met lots of good people, had a very pleasant stay in Istanbul. The whole production was top notch (hotel, transportation, catering) and the collaboration was smooth and relaxed. I also had a chance to work with Willem Nagtglas again, my cinematographer on EFENDI, who was shooting this commercial too. During the shoot I was asked to act a small part in the commercial too, so look for me when the commercial airs in Turkey somewhere next month.

I could talk more about the project, but I will let the pictures to most of the talking. Click on More to see some other pictures. (If you’re a friend of me on Facebook, you can see more pictures there)


Teaching Screenwriting at St. Joost for a semester

Posted in News, Teaching, Writing by barisazman on July 31, 2009

st joost semester

The lecture I did at the St. Joost Arts Academy in Breda, The Netherlands, went over really well, with students and the board, that I got the call back to actually teach there next school year. I will be teaching screenwriting to third year students at the ‘Audio-Visual department’ at the start of this September, for one whole semester. It’s really interesting teaching and talking about screenwriting, film-making and film theory and I look forward to this opportunity. And I hope to inspire students with diverse subjects and approaches to screenwriting.

The specific approach of the classes is still under wraps, but I will tell more as the classes start.

LiteSide Festival, Amsterdam 2009

Posted in Festival, Interview, News by barisazman on July 28, 2009

liteside blog

On the 15th of August, I will be attending a debate with other up-and-coming filmmakers at the LiteSide Festival in Amsterdam. And I will be showing clips of my films during the debate. Program starts at 8 pm.  There’s tons of other stuff going on too, so I think I will be there throughout the day.

From the press release:

Four remarkable filmmakers will go into discussion with eachother about their personal experiences as a writer of a different ethnicity. Orhan Sahin (GANGSTER BOYS, 2010), In-Soo (CARMEN VAN HET NOORDEN, 2009, MADE IN KOREA, 2005), Baris Azman (THE MAN WHO GOT LOST, 2010) and Fedor Sendak (WOLF 2003, FOR THOSE AND OTHERS, 2009) will share their personal experiences and answer questions from the audience. The debate will be led by Sander Jansen, filmmaker and founder of the Dutch Directors Guild.

Date: 15 Augustus 2009

Time: 20.00

Location: Videolounge @ Machine Gebouw, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

The festival is held in Cultuurpark, Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Here’s more about the festival from their website:

“The latest and hippest oriëntal and western cross-overs with international performances of dance, music, literature, visual art and film. And the coolest Amsterdam’s underground DJ’s and delicious oriëntal food and drinks!”

Teaching Screenwriting at Film By The Sea Film Festival

Posted in News, Teaching, Workshop by barisazman on July 26, 2009

film by the sea teach

On Saturday 12 September, I will be teaching screenwriting at this year’s Film By The Sea Film Festival, held in Vlissingen, The Netherlands.  Again, as a part of a program called ‘The filmXperience’, which consists of workshops and lectures about filmmaking.  People who are interested can apply at the website of the festival. The festival itself will be from 11-20 September. I will be present at the festival on 11 and 12 September.

I saw on their website, that in an earlier edition of the festival, they screened THE BIG LEBOWSKI on an outside location. So I am curious if I can watch something interesting on the Friday before my class.


THE MAN WHO GOT LOST: Promotional Image

Posted in Feature Film, News, Pre-Production, Promotional, The Man Who Got Lost by barisazman on June 19, 2009

tmwgl - promo image

THE MAN WHO GOT LOST has it’s first promotional image. The photo here is by Kate Peters, who has graciously granted me permission to use her work as a teaser for my feature film. This image will accompany the official synopsis of the film and most probably the screenplay. It will be used for the official website of the film until we start shooting and are generating our own visual content.

I came across this photograph on the cover of the magazine EXTRA, published by the FotoMuseum in Antwerp, Belgium. It captures, in a single image, the mood and themes of my film and it’s since then, become one of the main visual inspiration tools for when I am writing. I want to tell more about what comes up in my mind when I look at the photograph, but I will let everyone interpret it in their own way. For now.

Kate Peters’ official website:

Scriptdesk: De Proeftuin Part II

Posted in Feature Film, News, The Man Who Got Lost, Workshop, Writing by barisazman on June 5, 2009

proeftuin 2 a

The meeting day SCRIPTDESK: DE PROEFTUIN, where directors, writers, producers and distributors were able to discuss eachother’s work was a great success. It was really good to give comments on other people’s work and get interesting feedback on my project. I got a lot of great insights and some interesting viewpoints on the synopsis of THE MAN WHO GOT LOST. I was particularly glad that the main themes and visual approach got across to most people. It’s really hard to compress an entire feature film plan into two pages, but with all the comments I think I now have more of a grip on how to put my idea on paper in a more concise fashion. Thanks to the people at Scriptdesk, LEV Pictures and everyone who participated and to all the people I got businesscards from.

proeftuin 2 b

proeftuin 2 c

Scriptdesk: De Proeftuin

Posted in Feature Film, News, The Man Who Got Lost, Workshop, Writing by barisazman on May 21, 2009

proeftuin 2

My feature film plan THE MAN WHO GOT LOST was selected among 23 other film projects to participate at the SCRIPTDESK: DE PROEFTUIN (rough translation: THE SAMPLE GARDEN) in Amsterdam. Organized by Lev Pictures (film producers) and Scriptdesk (Script Editors), it’s meant to give directors and screenwriters a chance to meet and get to learn more about eachother and to help out each other’s plan, idea, synopsis or screenplay. So that they may advance a step further in the process. There’s also a chance to meet producers. It’s also meant to get some inspiration and feedback and to meet new people and work on your network.

Today I received all the other film projects and I look forward to reading them all and making notes during the next week. Because, as I understand, I will also be commenting on the other participants projects. I get the same rush as I had when I attended the NISI MASA Script & Pitch workshop last year in France. It’s good getting together every once in a while with serious filmmakers and discussing each other’s work and I hope to meet some new and interesting contacts along the way.

This good news gave me a big boost today with my writing. I also got a very interesting and positive comment from a critic today (concerning my previous films), which will be published soon in the promotional booklet for THE MAN WHO GOT LOST. It actually gave me a helluva lotta insight in the writing of my film. More on that quote at later date.

Baris Azman
– On the outskirts of the industry


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the man who got lost screenplay 1

the man who got lost screenplay 2

Since I didn’t want to top the blog with a downer, I thought I’d let everyone know I was officialy writing again on my feature film; THE MAN WHO GOT LOST.


Posted in News by barisazman on May 13, 2009

nps 2

Fate has decided, unfortunately I didn’t get selected for the ONE NIGHT STAND (this is the second time I applied), so I am going ahead with RELATIONSHIP; as in, my feature film project THE MAN WHO GOT LOST. Back to the writing table. Congratulations to all the people who got selected.

On a side note: extra congratulations to Jochem De Vries, whose short film MISSEN got selected and nominated for the Palm D’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

7th Heaven

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I was a guest on the radio at a program called ‘7th Heaven’ (De 7e Hemel) of the NMO (Nederlandse Moslim Omroep/ Dutch Muslim Broadcast) in Amsterdam, where I was one of four guests of emerging filmmakers. We were chosen because of our films that dealt with ‘social issues and topical matters’. Alongside me where filmmakers Beri Shalmashi, Bram Vergeer and Camiel Zwart. The host was Abdellah Dami, who asked us questions ranging from why we make films, to what our creative process is. All in all we talked for an hour, which seemed to fly by really fast.

You can listen to it here (program starts after the 02:42 min mark and is in Dutch).
More on 7th Heaven on their website.

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ID CIRCLES presskit

Posted in Exhibitions, News, Workshop by barisazman on March 27, 2009

During the exposition of ID CIRCLES (ID CIRKELS), there was a magazine and DVD presented to the public. It was a behind the scenes look about what happened during these workshops. Robert Andriessen was commissioned to make the DVD. Duration of the video is 08:31 minutes. Dutch language.

You can watch the video in a larger size on Robert’s Vimeo site.

More on the workshop ID CIRCLES that I did, in an earlier post.


WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE workshop and exposition

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At the start of 2009 I was approached by Karlijn Koenen (project designer) to be one of three artists (alongside Anouk Bax and Tijs Rooijakkers) give a workshop  to a group of 12 year old children. We had seven weeks (one day a week) to make a short film together. The name of the project was ID CIRKELS (ID CIRCLES) and was organised together with The Krabbedans (platform for professional artists, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands) and Advicepoint Discrimination (Adviespunt discriminatie) and The Safetyhouse (het Veiligheidshuis). The main theme was to introduce the children to the creative arts and have them reflect on issues such as self-identity and prejudices.


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Posted in News by barisazman on March 26, 2009


I was asked by the Krabbedans (platform for professional artists, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands) to attend an interactive cultural programme called POLSHOOGTE (Pulse Height). Where artists can present their work for a live audience and interact with the audience concerning the created works. I attended the project with a workshop called ID CIRKELS (ID Circles). More on ID CIRKELS in the next post.

More on The Krabbedans website (in Dutch).

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Posted in News by barisazman on March 20, 2009


Hand delivered my application for the Dutch ‘new filmmakers’ competition called, ONE NIGHT STAND . This is the second time I am applying. Felt pretty good about this year’s application. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Teaching screenwriting at St. Joost, Breda

Posted in News, Teaching by barisazman on January 29, 2009


I was asked by coordinator René Bosma of the St. Joost Arts Academy to do a lecture on my experiences as a filmmaker and screenwriter and do a crash course on the art of screenwriting. The class took a total of four hours and was attended by first, second, third and final year students. We covered basics such as what constitutes a screenplay, working visually, but also breaking the rules after knowing them. Also, how to keep writing, different approaches (outlining or not) and more.

Unfortunately due to delays in the overall programming, we didn’t get to do my running commentary on Joel & Ethan Coen’s NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. But the students and René liked what I did, and there’s a possibility I can come back in the near future to discuss and examine what makes the film so good. Personally, I’d also be interested in doing a longer workshop type seminar with students, where we actually take a few weeks and write a short screenplay together. As in, every student writes their own and even I join in with a screenplay of my own, where we can discuss our progress together.

More on the St. Joost Arts academy: