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St. Joost – Screenwriting Class

Posted in News, Teaching, Workshop, Writing by barisazman on September 7, 2009


Classes have officialy started. This is my class for the next 8 weeks. We’re meeting once every week for a whole day. Most of the students are third year, but there are a few final year students who wanted to join the class too.
We started with running and gunning through my screenwriting 101 lecture (for the few who weren’t present at my guest lecture a few months back) and then proceeded to discuss several opening shots/scenes of films.

The objective of this semester is, to write a fully presentable and working short screenplay. Some students are a little less versed in the tradition of screenwriting, so everyone will probably have their own pace. Every week we will discuss eachother’s work and comment on it. We don’t have a specific theme for the screenplays, but the students are encouraged to write their ‘dream film’, as in, no restrictions of budget. So they don’t have to think about whether they can actually get a chance to be able to finance it. It’s strictly focused on the writing, hopefully freeing up the creative flow. Though, who ever wants, can write it in such a way, that they can actually get to shoot it, maybe even later on in the same school year. Final year students will write and fine tune their graduation film.

Aside from writing and workshopping, there will also be moments where I will discuss film theory and we will watch films or parts of films.


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  1. Sue said, on September 7, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    Breng ze ook iets bij over Italiaanse cinema! Bijv. het episodisch karakter van o.a. La Dolce Vita en L’Avventura! 😛 Ok, ok, ik zal me nergens mee bemoeien!

    Zit je ook wel eens in een college-zaal? Misschien kan ik een keer mee om aantekeningen te maken? 🙂

  2. barisazman said, on September 7, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    We gaan waarschijnlijk kris kras door de film historie als we film theorie doen. Geen college zaal dit semester, het is meer een workshop dus we zitten vaak bij elkaar om de tafel, anders is het zo afstandelijk.

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