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Teaching screenwriting at the International Film Festival Breda

Posted in Teaching, Workshop by barisazman on March 28, 2009


I was asked by the people of International Film Festival Breda, to participate as one of seven teachers at the program called ‘The filmXperience’.  This is a collection of workshops throughout a single day, where young students (ages 15 – 27) can learn more about filmmaking in all it’s facets. From writing (which I thought), to acting, directing, etc.  At the end of the day, there were two masterclasses taught by Dutch director Erik De Bruyn (WILDE MOSSELS, NADINE) and actor Hugo Metsers (SIBERIA). These workshops were all part of the film festival which was held from the 25th till the 29th of March, 2009.

I had three classes pretty much back to back, ranging from twenty-five students, to the final class which was two students. The experience level of the students were all over the place, ranging from people who were just there out of general interest (but studying something else), to people who had already made short films. This was proving to be somewhat taxing, because I constantly had to switch gears with the class (speeding up for people who already knew the basics, to slowing down for newcomers who kept getting lost). The final class was with two students, so we had a chance to actually sit around the table and dissect their scripts and go through the lecture using their scripts as work material.


There’s a possibility I will be returning as a teacher for the filmXperience at this year’s Film By The Sea Film Festival, which will be held in Vlissingen, The Netherlands from 11 till 20 September 2009.

More on the International Film Festival Breda.
More on the filmXperience.


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